DSC01965While I haven’t posted for my project 79 cookbooks recently, the only real reason is I keep changing the recipes! Case in point, I started with a nice little list of ingredients only to discover I had bought dates with pits and the wrong kind of nuts, and then the whole recipe shifted a bit away from the original. This modification was readily consumed by neighbors, though, so I trust the recipe hasn’t lost too much appeal.

With no added sugar beyond what is in the chocolate (and you can use a very dark chocolate here), these are surprisingly healthful as long as you stick to one or two small pieces. They are quite filling, though, and just the sort of thing that could fuel a good long hike.

Ovochevi Konfeti or Ukranian Dried Fruit Candy

1 c dried prunes, pitted
1 c dried apricots
1 c currants
1 c blanched hazelnuts (preferably toasted lightly)
1 T Frangelico (or honey)
1 t lemon zest
2-3 oz dark chocolate
2 t butter

In a food processor, grind the dried fruit and hazelnuts until they begin to clump together. Add the lemon zest and Frangelico gradually while pulsing for several seconds. Stir, and pulse another time or two to be sure it’s well-mixed.

Spread the fruit-nut mixture on parchment paper in a small pan into a square about 7″ on each side. Next, melt the chocolate and butter together, stirring frequently, in a microwave. Spread the chocolate over the fruit-nut mixture. Chill, and cut into small squares.

Original recipe (rather different): The Good Cook: Candy. (1984). Time-Life Books. Alexandria: p. 139