Simple meals can let the ingredients shine through. Does a really good egg actually need cream, bacon, and cheese? Key words: good egg. Your success will depend entirely on the flavors of the vegetable base and egg, so use the most free-range, backyard, bright orange yolk and healthy shell-type egg you can get your hands on.

I like using leftover vegetables for this, but you can quickly steam or blanche anything you have available. Some good choices include diced broccoli, spinach or other greens, cabbage, mashed root vegetables, zucchini or yellow squash matchsticks, or sauteed mushrooms. Plain, it makes for a simple meal, but if you want to make it a little dressy, add some capers, chopped olive, shredded cheese, or fresh herbs.

Baked Egg for One

1 c cooked vegetable(s), chopped or mashed
1 egg
Sprinkle salt and pepper
Oil or butter for greasing

Preheat oven to 375 F. Grease a medium custard cup. Place the vegetables into the cup, and break the egg over them. Salt and pepper lightly. Bake, for 15 (soft yolk) to 20 minutes (hard yolk). Enjoy, with your choice of toast, baked potato, or other grain.

Surprise company? Make customized cups and let your company help fill their cup with vegetables of their choice.