Kale, photo via Wikimedia Commons, by Rasbak
Since I bought my rice cooker last fall, I’ve been wondering how it would do with grains other than rice.  My initial quick search of the internet revealed that it’s not uncommon to have “soggy” quinoa when you cook it in a rice cooker, so I decreased the volume of water to be closer to what the rice cooker instructions use for rice.  It does a nice job with quinoa, as long as you use the ratio for white rice in the instructions, plus a little extra water.  And unlike lettuce salads, this one will hold up well in the fridge for the at least two days.



Quick Quinoa Kale Salad

Serves two as a main dish, or four as a side dish.

4 c blanched or steamed kale, chopped
180 mL black quinoa (3/4 c)
340 mL water  (1 1/2 c)
1/4 t dried sage
1/2 t dried thyme
1/3 c diced red onion
4 T white wine vinegar
5 T olive oil
1 can chickpeas, drained
1/2 c raisins
Salt and black pepper to taste

Cook and chop the kale, if needed. If you’re using frozen kale, you can just defrost it. Cook quinoa (use the rice cooker or on the stove).  When cooked, toss everything together.