I have a few suggestions for your aimless moments today.

Food Production and Policy
Check out Agrigirl’s first post in a series as she follows the production of wheat in one of her family’s fields throughout the year. A burgeoning blogger, she’s a reminder that we need to think about the midsize and commodities as well as vegetables. Fooducate has a quick round-up on the status Salmonella in the US (not pretty), and Marion Nestle answers some questions about the E Coli outbreak in Europe. NSAC talks about the problems of appropriations and food policy, with particular focus on rural communities losing out on valuable economic boosts.

Beautiful Food
How can go you wrong with a chocolate mousse (dairy free) on these hot summer days? Never fear though, I’ll fall for a pile of vegetables like this any day. You can even put them on a stick, like Joanne did, if you’re into trendy food or anti-plate washing. Add a few strawberries, like in Strawberry Mint Salad with Lime Coconut Vinaigrette, and I might even give up my blueberry addiction. Maybe.

In hardcopy? I have a compendium of MFK Fisher works by my chair that is a delight. If you’ve never read any of her work, I highly recommend it.