I’d bet 90% of my readers can already make a delicious, home-cooked meal for $5 (or less!) per person. Almost every recipe on this blog can be made for less than $5 per serving (desserts might be exceptions). You may not need an event to inspire you, but taking part in a group effort can raise awareness and make you appreciate your skills and knowledge. The goal: share, teach, learn, love, and eat. Okay, I added the love.

I do have reservations about the organization, Slow Food USA, but they have made significant progress in moving away from their previous pricey, foodie-oriented focus back to the organization’s original wider look at food systems and food justice. They provide some resources on frugal eating, and a skeletal few sentences on the issues.

I’d encourage you to take part, whether in your home, your community, or on the national or international stage. What can you cook, teach, create, or share? Write about it, on your blog in or in the comments here, or Take the Pledge.