How do you feel about chocolate? Would you miss it if global warming led to a precipitious drop in production and availability? I most definitely would. Kat Friedrich proposes that we change our symbols and thoughts around global warming.

I’d like to see a chocolate bar replace a polar bear as the symbol of global warming’s devastation. One cost of global warming is emotional safety… Read more

Is chocolate sufficiently compelling to become the new “save the whale” symbol? Perhaps. Food is linked to strong emotions, from safety to adventure, love, and nostaliga. On the other hand, I would argue that small amounts of dark chocolate are a very reasonable part of a health-promoting diet. (It has been shown to reduce blood pressure, stroke risk, and there are vague claims about heart health. Just watch out for calorie and sugar overload. And, did I mention, it’s delicious.) Either way, using social media well is essential to the success of just about everything these days.